OptiMate Charger Series

️ ⚙️ Easy - Automatic

⚡ Charge & Maintain

OptiMate Bronze series chargers are easy to use, only some basic knowledge is required. These chargers automatically charge & maintain.


Bronze Series Chargers

⚙️Smarter -Automatic, more features

⚡ Save, charge & maintain

OptiMate Silver series chargers are smarter chargers with more power and capabilities. Silver series chargers can desulphate low volt batteries and automatically save, charge & maintain.


Silver Series Chargers

⚙️️️️ Advanced -

Selectable, more features

⚡ Save, charge & maintain

OptiMate Gold series chargers are advanced chargers for the ultimate performance. The Gold series chargers can desulphate low voltage batteries and automatically save, test, charge and maintain.


Gold Series Chargers 

⚙️️ ️Expert - Specific features, BMS reset

⚡ Reset, save, test, charge & maintain

OptiMate has developed a special Lithium battery charger series for vehicles! Lithium batteries are popular replacements for bulkier and heavier lead-acid batteries and have different charging needs.


Lithium Series Chargers

⚙️ Eco-smart -  Automatic, special features

⚡ Save, test, charge & manitain

OptiMate OFF-GRID series include the ECO-friendly SOLAR products and our low voltage DC-DC products that are powered by a 12V battery or 12V vehicle system.


Off-Grid Series Chargers

⚙️ Professional - Selectable, special features

⚡ Save, charge, test, power-supply

The OptiMate Pro series is for the professional user & small craft, machine professionals, repair shops and battery retailers. In addition to charging the battery, our Pro series chargers are also designed for vehicle diagnostics.


PRO Series Chargers